Willie the Babysitter

Willie has been with Alison for a year and a half. More recently, he has picked up a new role and now can be called “Willie the babysitter.”

The update from Alison

Willie is still loving farm life here in Pennsylvania! He has really surprised me with how gentle he is with my son, who’s now nine months old. Ever since my son was a newborn, I’ve had him around Willie – who is always curious and gentle, and the first to say hello to us in the field.

I’ve been getting back into the groove of riding and working the horses more as my son is getting older, so Willie has been getting a little more work! He’s coming along really nicely at the walk, trot, and canter. He’s actually quite lazy, and prefers to be slow and steady! We’re working on learning how to travel correctly and use our body. It’s not always the easiest, because he thinks he should just stand and get loved on all day (lol), but he’s a willing partner.

Willie arena

He made his debut in our lesson program over the summer! I put one of our more advanced riders on him, and Willie didn’t put a foot wrong. My goal is to utilize him in our riding program more regularly. I just have to put some more hours on him myself (and convince my non-thoroughbred husband, lol!). With Willie’s laid back demeanor and easygoing personality, I can see him excelling as a lesson horse for us.

In fact, right now, he’s playing babysitter for a 2-year-old stud colt that I have in for training!

Many thanks to Alison not only for this wonderful update but also for the wonderful home she has given Willie. To read a previous update on Willie, please click here. To see more photos of this handsome gelding, please check out his Facebook album. You can see Willie in the ring with Alison by clicking here.