Tipsy Update- September 2022

Tipsy was known as Old Line Malibu during her racing career. Wasabi Ventures Stables purchased her in a private sale in February 2018. She raced with WVS throughout 2018 and was sold in a private sale in January 2019. She ran for another trainer through the end of 2019.

I started tracking horses in early 2020, but I had difficulty finding Malibu. Last week while searching for former WVS horses, I found her! I have been in contact with her new owner, Michala, who is so pleased with her. Now known as Tipsy, Michala had a terrific update and many photos for me.

I now own Old Line Malibu. Her barn name is “Tipsy” with me. I’m working on getting her going as an eventer and hope to have her out and about this fall.

Although it took a while to “find” Tipsy, it sounds like she has found a wonderful home and second career!

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