Threeninetytwo- February 2022 update

In mid-January Wasabi Ventures Stables retired Threeninetytwo and placed him in the capable hands of Jessica, who will get him ready for his next career. Check out this quick update on the past month:

I just wanted to let you know he is just the best dude, and I already adore him. I’m going to call him Cruise, as he is just so chill. He lost quite a bit of weight with all the changes and long trailer rides, but he is doing great. We are just taking it easy while getting his body condition back up. He is such a pleasant, easy horse to deal with, and I want to thank you for that. I know that’s a credit to your program. I had high hopes for him, but he has already surpassed what I expected, and I can’t wait to move him in to the show horse world.

This note was sent to our assistant trainer, Grace, who coordinated the placement of Threeninetytwo.

We look forward to many more happy updates on this fabulous horse. To read another wonderful update on a retired WVS horse, click here.