The WVS Generosity Continues

Last week, I was once again amazed by the Wasabi Ventures Stables club members and their commitment to aftercare. On Giving Tuesday, I made a post in our community channel on Slack, naming several charitable, thoroughbred-centric organizations, who they might want to support that day. I also mentioned that The Horse Fund would be glad to accept donations as well.

Within minutes I had received several donations. Shortly thereafter, I received a message from a club member, offering to match $500 in donations. Knowing the nature of our club, I guessed we would raise $1,000 that day, as our club would want to meet that goal.

Or surpass it. . .

We did reach $1,000. . .in two hours. Another club member offered to match the next $500 in donations, which was reached in another two and a half hours. The outpouring of donations continued throughout the day and overnight. By the time Giving Tuesday had ended, we had raised over $4,000. 

I know that the WVS community believes in aftercare, and I have now witnessed many instances of generous donations. However, the actions on Giving Tuesday went above and beyond what I imagined possible. I know that there are many worthy charities, in the world of thoroughbreds and elsewhere. The Horse Fund is not the only group that wants to be supported. And yet, our club gave generously and continuously to this charitable organization.

Truly appreciative

Every day I am grateful that I am able to combine my passion for animals with a charitable initiative to create happy retirements for our horses. On a day like Giving Tuesday, I am humbled and honored to do this in partnership with a community, whose generous nature seems to know no bounds. 

As I wrote a thank you to each donor, I knew it didn’t fully capture how appreciative I am. Instances, such as these, make my heart swell with pride and have me dancing in my office. To all who participated, please know that my thanks were heartfelt and genuine.

I am proud to be the executive director of The Horse Fund and to have the Wasabi Ventures Stables community at my side.