The Hornless Unicorn- My Pal Jerry

I reached out to Jessie, My Pal Jerry’s human best friend, to check up on him. As always, Jerry continues to be a wonderful horse for her and her family. You can read Jessie’s update below.

The hornless unicorn

Jerry is continuing to prove to be what I like to call a “Hornless Unicorn”.  I’ve recently brought him home, and I’ve concluded he is indeed just a giant Labrador. Since his paddock backs up right to our back patio, he has enjoyed assisting my boyfriend, Tyler ,in grilling activities. Examples include not only great company and intense monitoring, but also choosing bbq sauces and seasoning options and, of course, inquiring if carrots are involved at all.  

He has done a few more competitions at training level and is turning out to be quite the event horse.  At his most recent event at Sporting Days Farm in Aiken, South Carolina, he was an absolute rock star on cross country!  Jerry seems not only to be learning, but also loving his new career.

He occasionally takes breaks and helps Tyler’s two children, Levi (13) and Amelia (8), in learning the basics of riding a horse.  Somehow he can seem to differentiate when he needs to be “on” or just walk around on the buckle like a good ol’ lesson horse.  Thus, the adorable, athletic and flashy little red horse continues to deem the identification as the “Hornless Unicorn”.

I think that Jerry has hit the lottery in this forever home. I’m pretty sure he would agree with me.

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