The First Barrel Event for Dill

Many thanks to Samyi, Dill’s BFF, for sharing this update:

A barrel event!

Dill is working full time, and he is loving having a job. We have been working close with a trainer to help us piece the missing things together from eyes on the grounds, and it has made a huge impact. He is going to have his first true barrel event August 23rd. We aren’t going to be attending to win but to have a fun safe clean run around the cans. We also officially finally have our T.I.P number. 

Other new things

Dill loves his Bemer blanket sessions after a hard workout. He also has enjoyed modeling for the photography business for the little cowgirls who come to love on him. He definitely likes to be center of attention, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I can’t thank Wasabi Venture Stables enough for the opportunity given to me to love him whole heartily and for truly making my dreams come true.

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