Teller Update- January 2022

Formerly known as Daddy’s Teller, this eight year old gelding is enjoying his life as an OTTB with Sarah Murphy. He was a member of the WV Stables barn in 2018. Teller has been at home with Sarah since the fall of 2019. In addition to Teller, Sarah has five other retirees living amongst two different farms.

The good

I spoke with Sarah recently to learn about all of the happenings in Teller’s life. She refers to him as a “steady Eddie” and says that he is very chill. He is in a field with three other horses, who all get along well. His best friend is Fury, and you can often find them together.

Teller is a local favorite. Many of his neighbors like to stop during walks and feed him carrots. He also has begun working as a lesson horse with children. He provides one lesson a week. He seems to enjoy working with children and is very gentle and patient.

The less good news

Teller has been a candidate for three different therapy programs. Unfortunately, due to Covid, none of the programs were held last summer. Sarah hopes to find a spot for him in one this summer.

Teller also was diagnosed with EPM. Because of this Sarah believes he will be a sanctuary horse who can do flat work. He currently is taking a three-month course of supplements to help with the EPM. Sarah currently covers the cost of treatment and would be glad to accept donations. You can reach out to Sarah via her nonprofit’s Facebook page, if interested in helping.

Currently, Teller (and the rest of the crew) are taking a break from lessons through the end of February. In the meanwhile he is enjoying winter in the fields with Fury, Rob Roy, and UFO.