Sanctioned Barrel Event for Dill

Dill (JC Vineyard Harbour) has been loving off-track life with Samyi since January 2019. This year he will be attending his first sanctioned barrel racing event. I reached out to Samyi to learn more about what Dill has planned.

From Samyi:

Dill is doing amazing! January is his month to focus on strength training his pelvis and abdomen muscles. We are going to be joining back into our lessons in February to help us both get ready for the Beat the Bettys buckle series starting in April. This will be his first ever sanctioned barrel series event, and his first barrel race back from full recovery.

We also have a goal to compete for the T.I.P Championships of 2024 and/or 2025. We are hoping to attend both years.

I am truly grateful for the time Samyi takes to share these wonderful updates and photos of Dill. It’s been a long journey for the two of them, so it’s good to see them achieving new heights in Dill’s off-track career. I am grateful to have a front row seat for their happily ever after.

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