Retiring Frost Warrior

Wasabi Ventures Stables purchased Frost Warrior at the OBS October Yearling Sale. She then headed to Zoe Valvo at the Middleburg Training Track to begin her race training. She ran in WVS silks from August 2020 until October 2022. She competed at several tracks for three of their trainers: Jesse Cruz, Mark Salvaggio, and Tony Rengstorf.

Leaving WVS

In October, Tony Rengstorf was preparing to head to Oaklawn for its meet. With Frost Warrior being a turf runner, he privately sold her to owner, Araceli Barraza, and trainer, Antonio Meraz. Over the last eight months she has run primarily at Hawthorne for three different trainers. Her last race was on June 8th for owner, Marcelo Pioquinto, and trainer, Isidro Castro.

Frost Warrior definitely had lots of heart but was becoming less competitive. In three of her last four starts in bottom level claiming races she was finishing double digit lengths behind. It was time for her to leave racing and find her next career.

Time for happily ever after

In early May I reached out to Jan at Galloping Out about the possibility of purchasing Frost Warrior for retirement. Jan was glad to assist in this process. After Frost’s race on June 8, Jan reached out to Mr. Pioquinto with an offer to buy her. We came to an agreement, and as of June 15th, we had the bill of sale signed and Frost Warrior was shipped to a farm to start her off-track transition.

galloping out

As these things go, it takes a village. Because I had interviewed Jan to learn more about Galloping Out last October, I had a connection that could assist with her retirement. Not only did Jan oversee her purchase, but Frost Warrior will be retiring and finding her new home via Galloping Out. Of course, The Horse Fund made a donation to Galloping Out to offset Frost’s costs, which leads to another part of this village. I am able to purchase horses and make donations thanks to the group of people who support The Horse Fund via donations.

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