Queenie- Ready for New Adventures

We assisted in the retirement of Queenie (JC Rockport Queen) in July 2023. Although only a two year old, her trainer made the decision that she shouldn’t be pushed in a racing career. We found a spot for her at NEER North, where she has grown and made friends. I received the newest update on Queenie from Andrea, the adoption coordinator at NEER.

From Andrea

Queenie is a lovely, in your pocket baby! She has a great brain and is working with our trainer a few days a week. Queenie has been a bit fresh with our volunteers lately but with more consistent ground work training, she will be good! She just needs to respect boundaries.

We are hoping to find a sponsor so we can send her to our trainer’s facility (which has an indoor ring). She will have a more consistent training schedule there.

She absolutely loves having a friend but can be a bit pushy with a submissive mare at grain time. Otherwise she is so happy and is very good with her new friend! She also is good for the vet and farrier and loves attention and face scrubs!

All in all, Queenie is an amazing baby! She will need someone that has experience working and training horses that have kissing spine so that she can have the best chance at a full life.

To assist

If you are interested in adopting Queenie and providing her with the training and structure she needs or if you want to sponsor her training, please click here to learn more.