Q&A with The Foxie G Foundation

Where is Foxie G based?

It is based at the Summer Wind Farm in Union Bridge, Maryland.

How did this rescue group begin?

Foxie G Foundation began on September 14, 2012, in honor of the memory of a racehorse named Foxie G.

What makes your program unique?

In addition to working with off the track thoroughbreds, Foxie G also cares for feral cats in the local area. These cats are well cared for, receiving vaccines, being fed, and having their general health monitored. Additionally, all cats are neutered or spayed to keep their populations from growing.

Does Foxie G do reporting?

Any owner who adopts a horse through Foxie G is required to report every six months and include photos.

How many horses have you worked with?

In the past seven years, Foxie G has worked with 358 horses. Of that number, 232 have been adopted and brought to new homes.

How does Foxie G receive funding?

Like many 501(c)(3) groups, Foxie G receives money through a number of sources. Currently, they are funded via grants from both public and private foundations, TAA money, and donations from Beyond the wire. Additionally they hold three to four fundraisers each year, including a  $10,000 raffle. They also hold an annual appeal. Finally, they collect money through adoption fees. Combined, all of these sources allow the Foxie G program to run.

Why is it named Foxie G?

Before there was the Foxie G Foundation, Laurie and her husband, Jerry, ran Summer Wind Farm, trained horses, and provided layups. Foxie G was a gelding who belonged to a client of theirs. During a layup at the farm Laurie and Jerry became attached to this horse. Although he did return to racing, he developed laminitis. Laurie and Jerry asked if they could retire him at their farm. Through great treatment, he was able to have 8 happy years of retirement at their farm. Such a great horse deserved to have a retirement program named after him.

If people want to help your program, what can they do?

First, they can volunteer in any realm. It doesn’t have to be horse-based. It can be anything from maintenance to organization to assisting with events. They also accept donations, both monetary and physical. (Even gently used items are acceptable.) They also welcome items that can be donated for use at auctions.

Foxie G is a TAA accredited facility. To learn more about Foxie G, please visit their website.