Pony Camp- Magical Mousse

Magical Mousse was retired by Wasabi Ventures Stables in February 2023. He moved to his forever home with Sarah shortly after that. I reached out to Sarah for an update on this terrific gelding:

Mousse is just as sweet as ever. He is currently being used for intermediate riders who can walk, trot, canter. He has gotten a lot braver when it comes to water; now he will ride right into it. The jumps are still poles and cross rails.

We used him this summer in pony camp, and his role was to allow the students to put anatomy stickers on him. He also was great letting the camp kids groom him. He is an absolute love.

The plan is to get him in the show ring in the spring and get him down the trails and swimming by the summer. My farm backs up to Double Trouble State Park, which gives us over 2,000 acres of trails, including swimming in the cedar creek. We want to get him confident on the trails, so that he gets to enjoy that.

I am so grateful that Mousse has a wonderful home and fun career. The Horse Fund looks forward to many more happy updates. To read another happily ever story, click here to read about Jerry.