Play Update- Cantering Begins

Many thanks to Grace for providing this update on Play, as she continues her journey to the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover.

New skill- cantering

Things with Play have been going great! We have been doing a lot of trotting, and April 1st we started to canter. She has been so great and level headed when introducing new things, and cantering was no different. We had a difficult time picking up our left lead canter the first week. However, after a few tries she has gotten the hang of it. Play and I went on a few more trail walks around the farm where she lives, and she definitely loved being out on our walks!

On April 28th we shipped from Tampa back to my hometown in New Jersey. Play shipped great and moved to the most amazing farm where we have an indoor ring, outdoor ring, as well as lots of areas to ride around the farm. She seems to really love the new farm and has been so wonderful.

Plus, ground poles and flower boxes!

We added in ground poles and even little flower boxes to trot over, and she has been so smart and taken everything so well. I am beyond proud of how far she’s come since starting to ride her January 1st. I can’t wait to hopefully take her to a horse show in July to get her off the property and see how she is! Play is loving her life in New Jersey, and I am loving every second I spend with her.

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