Play- First Ride & More!

Here’s the newest update on Play (JC Shecanflatoutplay), as she makes her journey from racehorse to second career, courtesy of her owner and best friend, Grace.

First ride

Play and I had our first ride together on December 29th! I had planned to wait until January 1, however the weather was so perfect I just couldn’t wait another day. We started by lunging her a little in the round pen and then got on her and walked her around in the round pen for about ten minutes. I was so happy with how she handled herself on our first ride. It seemed like she was really happy to finally be doing something other than eating!

Since our first ride, I have ridden her about five time a week, every week. She continues to impress me with her levelheadedness and love of having a job. I am just walking her daily under saddle for 30 days, and in February I will start trotting her under saddle. I have trotted her a few times just to see how she is, and she is everything I knew she would be off the track. Just perfect!

A happy, snack-fueled horse

I am beyond proud of how she is handling everything, especially since we just walk every ride. She doesn’t seem to be bored or get excited, she truly seems happy to be out riding. We have started to walk through a dressage test, so we have something to work on while we walk, which is great for both of us to work on. Play really impresses me daily, she wants to listen and do what I am asking of her, so I can’t wait to see where we are in a few months!

She has also started to love eating Twizzlers in addition to her favorite Pop Tarts. I am loving this time we have riding together and am blessed to have my perfect Play in my life!

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