Play and PopTarts- A Classic Combination

Play (JC Shecanflatoutplay) and PopTarts are never far apart! Read on to learn what’s new in Play’s world.

From Grace

Since moving to West Virginia, Play and I have been having the best time! We found the most perfect farm to board at. It has tons of turnout, beautiful outdoor rings, an indoor ring, and a massive cross country jump field! It’s been so much fun, and she’s been so brave and wonderful!

I’m so happy to have her here with me after spending a month apart while I searched for the perfect farm for her. I have plans to take her to a horse show around here in the spring. There are so many here; it will be easy to find one!

Play and PopTarts- obviously

I am having so much fun riding Play and spending so much time with her every day. I’m so lucky that I have such a wonderful horse and so much time during the day to spend with her! She is happy and loving life down here in WV, of course with lots of PopTarts & Twizzlers!

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