Meet the Aftercare Ally- Tyler Rumph

Tyler Rumph has been a club member at Wasabi Ventures Stables since November 2019. He also was the first club member to make a donation to The Horse Fund via appreciated securities. I recently interviewed Tyler to learn more about his passion for horses.

What is your relationship with thoroughbreds? 

I do not come from a family that was actively involved with horses much at all. Perhaps my sister rode for a few years. I’m an admirer of horses, a bettor, and an active partnership owner (both racing and breeding) with Wasabi Ventures Stables. 

How long have you been involved? 

I started going to Saratoga when I was 13. I worked at a restaurant in nearby Berkshire County (MA), and each summer the owner would close the place down and take the staff to Saratoga. Of course, I wasn’t able to place a bet until I was 18. 

In 2017, I bought a small share of a thoroughbred filly with a New York-based partnership. She had a very successful career on track, and I was hooked! 

When did you first learn about thoroughbred aftercare? 

I was generally aware of thoroughbred aftercare as a bettor, but, I’m ashamed to admit, it wasn’t important to me as a casual race fan. It wasn’t until I was involved in ownership that I learned how difficult (and important) it is to care for the equine athletes that give us all so much joy and entertainment. The first partnership group I owned with has a good relationship with a Connecticut-based aftercare organization, and the group was always raising money internally to make sure any of the horses they owned were properly retired. 

Do you have other involvements with thoroughbred aftercare? 

None other than making a conscious effort to mention aftercare to anyone who is foolish enough to have a conversation with me about horse racing. 

What made you decide to make a donation with appreciated securities? 

Donating appreciated securities allowed me to maximize the overall tax benefit of a donation to a 501c3. It allowed me to take a deduction for the full appreciated value of the securities while avoiding paying capital gains on the amount of the appreciation (as I would have paid if i had sold the stocks in order to make a donation of the same amount in cash). The Horse Fund made it easy to donate directly from a taxable brokerage account using partner Cocatalyst. 

What do you think people need to know about aftercare? 

Racing people, including owners, breeders, bettors, track operators, auction houses, trainers, fans – anyone who gets “that” feeling just looking at a thoroughbred needs to know that this is a team effort. We need to work together to make sure that not one horse falls through the cracks. And, we all either fail or succeed together. We need to know and remember this because we need non-racing people to know that we’re trying and, ultimately, that we’re making progress.

What else can The Horse Fund do for the horse racing community and/or thoroughbreds? 

The Horse Fund can continue to spread awareness for the need. They can help us understand exactly what goes in to a proper retirement by educating us on their process and by setting an example. This will keep us informed about how we can help, whether it be donating time, money, a connection, or expertise. 

Is there anything else you want to share? 

There’s no better way to create new horse racing fans than live racing. Take someone who has never been to the track!

I’m grateful to Tyler for not only being a generous donor but also for taking the time to complete this interview.