Kind of a Big Dill Update- January 2022

He was a member of the Wasabi Ventures family as Vineyard Harbour. However, since his retirement he’s been known as Kind Of A Big Dill, but if you listen at rodeos, you will hear Dill Pickle.  

Yes, I barn named him after my love of all things pickle. He is absolutely my favorite Pickle though. 

Dill has seen more of his stall since November than anything! We were training this past fall for winter rodeos to keep him in work all year. In November, I went out to get him to saddle up for a ride, when I noticed he had re-injured his right hind leg. This is the same leg he injured three years ago having not even being home with me for 24 hours. He sure does find the perfect timing to live the luxury “retired” life inside the barn and out of the cold. 

Sad to say I had to cancel our Thanksgiving rodeo entry and instead schedule surgery. He underwent a total wound revision, which has healed beautifully!! 

He is still hanging out in the stall for a while to protect his fresh scar from his clumsy personality, but he is back under saddle to get back to easy light work and stretching. 

Stay tuned for season two of the comeback kid (AKA Dill Pickle) at a rodeo near you this summer. 

Submitted by Dill’s best friend and owner, Samyi Davis.

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