Jumping Begins for Play

Things with Play (JC Shecanflatoutplay) have been so great! As always, she has been the best girl. We have started jumping some more cross rails and adding in poles before to work on her adjustability and form over fences. She has been very brave jumping over different colored flowers and fillers in front of the jumps.

Play and I have been a little slow the last week or so because of the heat. She has been handling herself so well, even when she has a few days off if I’m really busy with work. She loves to ride in the ring with other horses and loves to walk around the farm to see all the sights after our rides.

More jumping and possible a show!

I plan on adding more jumping into our rides in the next month and see how she does! I tentatively plan to take her to a horse show at the end of August just to school her and allow her to ride around to see the atmosphere. Hopefully we make that happen! I hope to be able to get some more videos of her to share because she looks so cute going over jumps.

Many thanks, as always, to Grace for providing this update on Play. We love watching their journey, especially as they prepare for this year’s Thoroughbred Makeover.

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