Jazz – Everything You Ever Dreamed Of

Jazz (JC Morrigan) is excelling in her post-racing world with Adriana and Hannah.

From Adriana

I am just so darned proud of this little mare. A year and a half ago, I sourced this filly off the track as a just-turned 3 year old. She was tiiiny, downhill, long in the back, and had pancake-flat track feet. When she arrived, Dylan Duncan and I knew immediately she was something special. I suspected that with her quiet demeanor and can-do attitude, she would eventually become the perfect all-rounder for my student, Hannah . Hannah trusted my crystal ball prediction and bought the little filly right away. She’s been with us ever since.

The journey hasn’t been without ups and downs. Last winter in Aiken, Jazzy went through a toddler phase of testing her boundaries. She became pretty unruly and disobedient for a couple weeks, and I had to resort to some unconventional methods to try and redirect her energy. With that sorted out, she attended her first little baby horse trial at Starter level, trotting most of the jumps. I also got her started in the hunt field, where she tried out all 3 flights as a just-turned 4 year old.

Everything you ever dreamed of

Back in Virginia, Jazzy proved that she really was the amateur’s horse we thought she could be. She attended numerous schooling dressage shows, jumper shows, hunter paces, combined tests and trail rides, walk-and-talks and hunts with her mom Hannah, and her half leaser, Virginia North Trainum.

Yesterday, here in Aiken, I took Jazzy back to the place where she had done her first little horse trial a year ago. This time, we jumped around the BN showjumping, cantering the whole way round, in a soft and rideable fashion. Also this week, she hunted first flight with Aiken Hounds like a seasoned pro. The horse loves and understands the job and is one of the most pleasant rides I’ve ever had the pleasure of hunting. She’s now hunted with Whiskey Road Foxhounds, Aiken Hounds, Farmington Hunt Club, and Moore County Hounds and done me proud.

Jazz foxhunt

This is one of the most versatile horses I’ve ever met and is a true representation of what a Thoroughbred can be. Not many horses can excel at both eventing AND foxhunting, but she does it. And she’s done it all by her 5th birthday.

It’s been a joy and a challenge producing this little mare, along with Hannah and Virginia . She’s smart and sensitive and requires a soft, empathetic ride, so has been on the “slow train”. We’ve really taken our time with this one, but once she trusts you, she will go to the ends of the earth to please you.

Never underestimate a little, plain brown Thoroughbred filly. She just might become everything you ever dreamed of.

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