Communicating with Responsive Owners and Trainers

As I track all Wasabi Ventures Stables horses, I wait until a horse has been inactive for at least two months before communicating with the trainer or owner. Two months is a reasonable time off for a horse, without reason for concern. Once a horse has been inactive for longer than that, I usually send a message, asking if the horse is having a layup, has been retired, etc.

Where was Merlin’s Sister?

That was the case with Merlin’s Sister; she last ran at Delta Downs on October 27th. Out of that race she was claimed by Gustafson Racing but had not shown a work or entry since. In early January, I sent a message to Austin Gustafson via Twitter, hoping for a reply. Within hours, I received a reply with a note that an update was to come soon.

Shortly after that I the received an email from Katlin Bedford. She had owned and trained Merlin’s Sister at Canterbury Park, losing her in her final race at Canterbury. Katlin asked Austin to claim Merlin back for her, which he did. Merlin’s Sister then shipped to Katlin’s farm, where she will live until she returns to Canterbury Park this summer. Not only did Katlin provide me with an update and photos, she offered to share updates as often as I like.

Communicating- the bad and good

I am so appreciative of both Austin’s and Katlin’s responsiveness. I have learned that there are a number of owners and trainers who don’t provide updates. Why, I’m not sure. However, I am grateful for each and every one that takes the time to respond. I’ve thanked both Austin and Katlin personally, but I want it to be known how grateful I am.

Merlin’s Sister may not be an off-track thoroughbred, but she definitely is getting a happily ever after with Katlin.