Baby Liam Update- February 2022

Golden Spun Lad was retired from the Wasabi Ventures Stables’ barn of Mark Salvaggio in August 2020. In the time since then he has been retrained and acclimated to life off of the track. This past January, he found his forever home with his new friend, Charlotte. He also has been given the new name of Baby Liam.

To learn about Baby Liam’s new home, read this update provided by Charlotte.

I consider myself impossibly lucky to have gotten to bring Golden Spun Lad (lovingly referred to as Baby Liam) into my life. About five years ago, due to an accident my husband was in, I had to rehome my previous horse. That day took a part of my heart. People with a passion and love for the animals can truly understand what it is like to lose your best buddy. Luckily things have improved, so my trainer and I decided to start looking for a new friend for me. I saw a short clip of Liam, and I just knew. Eithin a week he was heading my way. 

Liam has flourished in his new home. He has a huge personality and loves bringing smiles to everyone’s face! The barn staff adore him and constantly compliment his “cute little face”. He is the youngest horse on the farm, so he enjoys bringing “spice” to the turnout pens. Even though he has only been with me a short time he has healed my heart so much. 

We have been working on building our partnership both on the ground and under saddle. I may be biased, but he is by far the most talented four year old I have had the pleasure of riding. It makes me so excited for our future together! It is our goal to show at the local hunter jumper shows this year and to hopefully move up to the rated shows next year.

Words cannot explain how much joy this horse brings me. A good friend of mine told me the other day, “Charlotte you just glow while you are here with Liam.”

He is a special baby horse- I’m such a lucky lady. 

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