A Bond of Unbreakable Trust

Dill (JC Vineyard Harbour) has been living with his BFF, Samyi, for four years. In that time there have been many ups and downs in his journey as an off-track thoroughbred, but these experiences have only strengthened the bond between the two of them.

Samyi shared the following update with us:

Dill is doing amazing and (not jinxing us or anything) Dill officially has his T.I.P number. He is ready to make his official come back this spring. We are currently working on loping the barrel pattern and running many drills. He has mastered the “roll back” in our training.

His barn has a training track, so he loves the days he gets to go condition the most, unless it’s grooming and bath day. He would much prefer that day over others.

We are so excited to be healed, vet cleared, and happy to be making our way to a late start, but our true start. A few years late! But we got here and have formed a bond of trust unbreakable along the way.

We are truly grateful that Dill has such an amazing partner and horseperson in Samyi. This bond is one that really cannot be broken.

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