2024 OTTB Madness Champion

After four rounds of competition, our 2024 OTTB Madness Champion was crowned on Tuesday, April 9th.

The tournament started with sixteen off-track Thoroughbreds, all of whom were formerly part of the Wasabi Ventures Stables family. They ranged in age from 3 to 13. There were slightly more geldings (10) than mares (6) in the competition.

Throughout the tournament, many of the owners actively promoted their retirees in hopes of making it to the next leg of the bracket. For each round there were hundreds of participants voting. There were some close votes, and many positive social media posts cheering on horses.

The OTTB Madness tournament culminated in a final round on Monday, April 8th. This final battle pitted Play (JC Shecanflatoutplay) against Mousse (JC Magical Mousse). During this day of voting, many people shared their opinions and declared their devotion to each horse. As Tuesday dawned, the winner was apparent- Mousse.

To celebrate the 2024 OTTB Madness Champion, The Horse Fund shipped a bag of horse cookies to Mousse. He was quite happy to enjoy the rewards of his title.

Until next year, we hope Mousse enjoys his title!